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Solo Camping Safety

Camping solo? Read on....

  • Safety in numbers, get to know your camping neighbours and they will keep an eye out for you and your stuff.
  • Choose a family run campsite where the family lives nearby, rather than a big corporate campsite where there may be no night time presence.
  • If you do go for a big campsite, insist on getting an out of hours number and save it on your phone.
  • If you plan to go adventuring, i.e. scaling mountains or go out on the water please tell someone where you are going and roughly when you plan to be back on site. 
  • It is often a good idea to have two chairs sitting outside instead of one, then you are not advertising your 'soloness'. Then your 'other half' could be dozing inside while you sit outside happily reading your book. You can put your feet up on the second chair then.
  • As with any camping, avoid having lots of expensive electronics and if you do have for example a laptop with you, lock it in the car overnight and don't flash it about the site. 
  • You can put your chairs etc away in the tent when you leave it during the day if you want, but I've camped many times just leaving them outside and never lost a chair yet. 
  • There is no point locking your tent. If someone wanted to get in it would be noisier opening the zip. They are more likely to slash the tent around the back. See earlier point about safety in numbers.

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