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Maddybenny Meet Sept 2016

Maddybenny Camping and Caravan Park 

Maddybenny Meet Sept 2016

A meet is proposed for the weekend of the 2nd September which is a Friday, through to the Sunday. 

It is in Maddybenny Camping and Caravan Park, which is 1 mile outside Portrush. 

It co-incides with the Airshow weekend and so spaces will be extremely limited. 

The link including the booking details can be found on the Northern Ireland Campsite Forum Facebook page

Solo Camping Safety

Camping solo? Read on....

  • Campsite camping can be as safe as being in your own home if not safer. The other campers mean in the proximity means one scream from you and half a dozen would come running within seconds. 
  • Be wise to a few things. Choose to camp at a site where the family or warden who owns it lives on the site. A site with no night time presence from the owner can be rowdier, and if things start going wrong you've nowhere to turn.
  • Don't choose to pitch in a quiet corner of the site, but one that is amongst other people. If the site is empty, pitch near the owners home. 
  • Cultivate a relationship with your new neighbours, they will keep an eye on your stuff when you are away
  • If you plan to climb any mountains or go out on the water canoeing tell someone where you are going and when you plan to be back on site. 
  • It is often a good idea to have two chairs sitting outside instead of one, then you are not advertising your 'soloness'. Then your 'other half' could be dozing inside while you sit outside happily reading your book. You can put your feet up on the second chair then.
  • As with any camping, avoid having lots of expensive electronics and if you do have for example a laptop with you, lock it in the car overnight and don't flash it about the site. 
  • You can put your chairs etc away in the tent when you leave it during the day if you want, but I've camped many times just leaving them outside and never lost a chair yet. 
  • There is no point locking your tent. If someone wanted to get in it would be noisier opening the zip they'd just take a blade to the side of the tent. With loads of people around that's highly unlikely to happen.
  • Keep a charged phone to hand and if you have no access to charging get a power bank. 
  • Own a tent that you can put up by yourself with no help needed even if it takes a bit longer.
  • Overcome sunscreen application difficulties to those hard to reach places such as between your shoulder blades by smearing sunscreen over the back of a long handled spoon. 

Have you any additional tips? Please comment below

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