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My Festival Loo

As projects go this is certainly not a large or complicated one. For camping I have a Kampa Khazi which is a proper camp loo, it has a inner bucket with a lid and a proper loo seat and lid as well. It's extremely useful at night time and lives in the corner of the tent with a blanket thrown over it.

But at a Festival you don't have the luxury of parking beside the tent, and although the Kampa Khazi isn't heavy it is bulky and also, it looks like a loo - and I have to carry that to the tent with everyone knowing what it is.

So I went out to my favourite cheapie shop, B&M Bargains, and bought a waste paper bin with a clip on lid, and a kiddies padded loo seat. I took off the plastic ring under the seat as unfortunately it did not fit the rim of the bin. I then put the screws back in they stopped the seat from sliding about.


£1.99 for the bin with lid
£2.49 for the kiddies loo seat

Over all cost: £4.48

I have anti-bacterial wipes and will bring wet wipes, hand sanitiser and some loo roll. I will line it with bio-degradable bags and discard and I may also recycle the whole thing at the festival if they have the facilities to do so and I don't want to take it home. I'll play that by ear.
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