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Packing clothes for a weeks camping trip

Packing your families clothes for a weekend is one thing. Packing for a week or more is another, it takes planning and more lists. I'm a big fan of lists. Here's a few tips to manage your clothes when you are camping:

  • Pack one good outfit per person for restaurants and change the kids out of the 'good set' as soon as you return to camp.
  • Make sure every item is suitable for washing in the same load of laundry,  so blacks or whites or anything not colourfast.
  • If you have access to a kitchen vacuum machine, vac-pac small items like socks togther in bundles of threes or fours. Get the kids to help with this step it's fun!
  • Put a strip of masking tape on the outside of any plastic bags you have packed, and write the contents on the tape, this makes a very cheap label.
  • Roll jeans up and secure with masking tape and write the owners name on.
  • Buy washing tablets rather than bring a pack of washing powder. If they're all in one conditioner and washing powder all the better.
  • Bring a mesh wash bag for putting dirty clothes in, you can wash them in the campsite washing machine still in the bag if it's big enough.

Add your tips below in the comments section.

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