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Packing clothes for a weeks camping trip

Packing your families clothes for a weekend is one thing. Packing for a week or more is another, it takes planning and more lists. I'm a big fan of lists. Here's a few tips to manage your clothes when you are camping:

  • Pack one good outfit per person for restaurants and nice days out and change the kids out of the 'good set' as soon as you return to camp.
  • Make sure every item is suitable for washing in the same load of laundry,  so no blacks or whites or non colourfast clothes.
  • If you have access to a kitchen vacuum machine, vac-pac small items like socks togther in bundles of threes or fours. Get the kids to help with this step it's fun!
  • Put a strip of masking tape on the outside of any plastic bags you have packed, and write the contents on the tape, this makes a very cheap label.
  • Roll don't fold clothes.
  • Washing tablets are easier than packets of powder.
  • Bring a large mesh wash bag for putting dirty clothes in, then wash clothes still in the bag. 
  • Take old clothes, especially 'old' underwear. Wear and throw out since it's going to be thrown out anyway, saves washing.

Add your tips below in the comments section.

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