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Hello anyone who happens to come across my blog, I'm really pleased and humbled to have a moment of your time. I am, as you'll find, a keen camper but amongst other things I'm a Mum and the founder of an online camping forum especially for NORN IRON called Northern Ireland Campsites Forum or NICF.

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 When I was a little girl my Mum and Dad took my little sister and I camping. I have lots of really good memories from those holidays but most of all I remember how connected I felt to 'outside' that you miss out on if you spend a lot of time indoors. I would have been outside at home, but not to the same extent. My favourite sound was the sound of the campsite chattering, a low hubub that I nodded off to night after night.

I also remember how relaxed everyone else was, camping strips life of unnecessary clutter and work and the result, I believe, is less stressed out adults. I enjoy that element of camping to this day, any excuse to head off in a tent.

The thing is, using a tent is an extension of that youthful den making, but it is also just a place to lay your head at night. It can be camping, alone, high above a valley on a remote mountain top, or the joy of meeting new faces at a busy campsite. But if you think about it when you are away traveling and exploring new places you have a number of options.


pros - a proper bed, a proper loo and shower
cons - have to leave all day, no cooking facilities, an overly fussy landlady or lord!


pros - a proper bed, a TV and an ensuite, a bar and a restaurant, maybe a nightclub
cons - impersonal, bland room, expensive


pros - a upholstered bed or a fixed bed, cooking facilities built in, a comfy seat and a portable loo in the cupboard
cons - not many other than having a TV discourages socializing with your new neighbours


pros - easy to transport, set up and travel with, fun to be in, closer to the elements
           freedom, outdoors life, very little housework, at one with nature etc
cons - 5 min walk to the loos and showers, must pack carefully, often sleeping at floor level

Derrylargan, Donegal

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