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My Festival Loo

As projects go this is certainly not a large or complicated one. For camping I have a Kampa Khazi which is a proper camp loo, it has a inner bucket with a lid and a proper loo seat and lid as well. It's extremely useful at night time and lives in the corner of the tent with a blanket thrown over it.

But at a Festival you don't have the luxury of parking beside the tent, and although the Kampa Khazi isn't heavy it is bulky and also, it looks like a loo - and I have to carry that to the tent with everyone knowing what it is.

So I went out to my favourite cheapie shop, B&M Bargains, and bought a waste paper bin with a clip on lid, and a kiddies padded loo seat. I took off the plastic ring under the seat as unfortunately it did not fit the rim of the bin. I then put the screws back in they stopped the seat from sliding about.


£1.99 for the bin with lid
£2.49 for the kiddies loo seat

Over all cost: £4.48

I have anti-bacterial wipes and will bring wet wipes, hand sanitiser and some loo roll. I will line it with bio-degradable bags and discard and I may also recycle the whole thing at the festival if they have the facilities to do so and I don't want to take it home. I'll play that by ear.


  1. Hi - found your blog via UK Campsite forum and have enjoyed the pix and comments.

    Re festivals - nearly all of our camping is at fests and we've come to trust some but not others. We go as self-sufficient as possible given the constraints, so take wet-wipes, alcohol gel, dehydrated food etc so that you can manage if the facilities at the fest are awful. If you're OK for those basics, you can still really enjoy the music, the craic, etc. We don't know NI fests, but I would say that English fests have got much much better over the last 20 years as people are now a bit more demanding about facilities, food, toilets etc.

  2. Thank you for the tips, I feel happier that I've got some loo facilites for the tent. Check for alco gel and wet wipes, ive made up bum bags with mini versions of the same for the two lads.

    I'm quite nervous about the festival but will update with pics when we get back.

  3. Hi,love the blog/pics.Your idea for a festival loo is genious,we have a loo for camping and use anti bac gel/wipes etc.
    We have never done any festivals as we thought being in our mid 40's we might feel out of place but it appears notfrom your pics it seems all ages are welcome,So thank you for sharing.


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