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Popping the festival cherry this time.

This time next week we'll be some hours into our first ever festival. The one we are going to is called the Sunflower Festival and it's held at Tubbys Farm, quite near Hillsborough which is just outside Belfast.

So I've been swatting up on Festival hints and tips, and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Like, do I really need to worry so much about the state of the toilets? This festival I'm going to is quite small, and I hope to camp in the Family Field so it couldn't be too bad, could it?

I've decided to take my old Royal Tarn 4 tent, it's a vis a vis with a separate groundsheet. It's not a very valuable or favoured tent, but it ticks a few boxes. The loose groundsheet can be peeled back to give a wellie boot area if the ground is muddy outside, it's stand up height in the middle, big enough for three chairs (just about) and has two separate bedrooms which are large enough to store bags as well as hold sleeping mats and bedding. The front door also poles out to make a tarp, so it's possible to sit with the door open and look out even if it's raining. The rubber mat from outside my front door will be useful, along with a dirt trapper mat inside the tent.

I'm not planning to take the camp loo as it's quite bulky and I don't want to carry it from the car to the tent. I'd like something more discreet, a bucket with a lid that doesn't look like it's for wees?

I am really looking forward to this Festival but nervous at the same time! Wish me luck!

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