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New Puppy/camping buddy

Meet my new camping buddy! This is Toby, he's a rough haired Jack Russel and he's super cute. I now have two dogs and one cat, and luckily they all get along with each other swimmingly. Toby is very easy to look after, until night time when he cried for two weeks solid! I was trying my best to crate train him but the crate is consigned to the shed and Toby is in the same pet bed as my other dog Coco now. No whining, crying or going mental, sleeping all night, bliss! Just wish he'd stop piddling on the floor now!

So any tips or ideas you have about how to get a little 12 week old puppy to poo outside instead of inside would be gratefully received. 

The mop is permanently in a bucket of bleach outside the back door, and although we're using puppy pads he seems to think they are an optional extra. Also, he leaks slightly every time he's picked up! 


  1. hi- dont use bleach to clean- as it has ammonia in it the puppy will think it is a good place to toilet rather than not a good place to go toilet- use washing powder to clean it up.
    try timng the puppy's toileting needs then put him outside, telling him to go pee- pee or poo,(dont let neighbours hear you- ha), then reward with something nie like a treat or cuddles etc... good luck

    1. Hi Anon, thanks for the reply. I didn't know bleach had ammonia in it! Toby is much improved, it took quite a while and he still has the odd accident. He actually had one today, frustrating as I'd only just let him outside - but it was raining out there and he probably thought he'd rather pee in the warm house instead...we critter!


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