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List of items needed for camping (modifiable)

One of the most frequently asked questions on camping forums and in real life, from other people, is WHAT DO I NEED WHEN I GO CAMPING!

So here's a starter list, which can be modified to suit you as you become more experienced.

  • Tent
  • Groundsheet/footprint
  • Pegs
  • Rubber Mallet, more than one
  • Claw Hammer can be used for stubborn pegs and also for taking them back out again.
  • Sleeping bags (3-4 season) per person
  • Airbed and PUMP (capital letters because this is so often overlooked!)
  • Foam mats or equivalent for under an airbed
  • extra blankets
  • pillows from home
  • hot water bottles

2 folding crates or clear plastic boxes (If you buy a lidded plastic box they used as a low table.)

Crate 1: (think of it as kitchen box)

  • plates, mugs, cutlery
  • tin opener/corkscrew
  • dishwashing kit (ziploc bag with sponge, scourer and sm. bottle of dishwashing liquid)
  • nesting pan set (or a lidded pan and a small frying pan from home)
  • tongs, sharp knife, peeler, chopping board
  • tea/coffee/sugar in airtight food containers
  • dry food, such as crisps and biscuits and cereal packets
  • wooden skewers
  • tin foil
  • hand sanitiser

Crate 2:

  • torch/head torch
  • battery operated lights (such as a string of fairy lights or even solar lights)
  • first aid kit
  • baby wipes
  • spare loo roll
  • matches or lighter
  • books/pack cards
  • roll of bin liners
  • collapsible water carrier
  • ear plugs
  • picnic blanket

Clothes bag:

  • soft holdall bag, one for each person (even little people) containing clothes, toiletries and undies.
  • toiletries to include sun cream and meds
  • travel towel, preferably bath towel sized


  • Stove (lots of options from single burner to camping oven!)
  • Folding barbecue
  • Cool box (tip freeze milk, sausages, pre-made dinners etc beforehand)


  • 2 handled Trug, £3 Asda, perfect for washing dishes in. (Alternative: washing up bowl from home)
  • Kettle (or you could use a lidded saucepan)
  • Chairs (or you could sit on a picnic blanket
  • Table (for eating at and playing games etc)
  • Folding kitchen stand, not essential (for example you could use one end of your folding table) but it is safer with young children to have everything confined to one place. Avoid the concertina type kitchen stands, they are unstable and prone to collapse.

If you're taking EHU (Electric Hook Up) you can have:

  • fan heater or electric oil filled radiator
  • electric kettle
  • table lamp from home
  • chargers for devices such as cameras and phones

Having EHU extends the camping season earlier and later in the year.

For a more simplified version of this list check out The Never No More Packing List


  1. Such a specific list of goods need be brought in camping.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Useful list - I'll be taking note of this - Those awesome flowery curtains are a must too! Ha ha!

    1. those awesome flowery curtains are original to the tent, which is about 40 years old. I don't think it would be possible to replace them, so they're very precious to me....and to think that when I was a kid I hated them!


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