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Vlogging for the first time and a last minute camping trip

This is my first attempt at 'Vlogging' as opposed to 'Blogging' and I have to say I really enjoyed it...however hearing my good ol' Northern Irish accent is a bit weird and I haven't picked up the courage to appear in person yet - so it's a running commentary style vlog. I do have more footage of this particular weekend coming. This particular video is a Tent Tour. The other footage I have is just out and about at the beach and out walking.

The weekend in question is from the very last weekend in September, and I went quite last minute without really planning it. Luckily most of my camping gear is within easy reach having not been properly packed away after a summer season (it is packed away now).

The location was the Wild Atlantic Campsite in Creeslough, Co Donegal and I spent time in Ards Forest Park, Dunfanaghy village and also Marble Hill Beach. It was a solo camping trip with Coco the dog. The weather was really bad, with the end of a Storm Irma battering the tent. The mud outside the tent was horrendous, the campsite was in a very bad state not that it's the owners fault it's just been so wet recently. The first night there was one other caravan and the second night there was only one campervan and me. I think they thought I was mad. The Glamping Pods were full, much to my disappointment as I was kind of planning to take one because of the weather report. However it all worked out ok in the end.


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