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Festival Camping List

With only a fortnight to go before the Sunflower Festival here is my guide to packing for a festival. Please comment below with your own suggestions.

This could of course be used as a basic camping list for an occasion when you want to travel light or may not have access to your usual transport.

The Sunflower Festival is on at Tubbys Farm, Cabragh Road, Hillsborough from the 31st July - 2nd August. Tickets available on the website.

The Sunflower Festival Website

Festival Camping List 


Tent of choice – choice of big (stand up height) or small (easier to carry) and don’t forget pegs and mallet
Bed of choice – foam mat or airbed or self-inflating mat
Airbed pump if using an airbed
Pillows, inflatable or from home
Three season sleeping bag
Waterproof backed Picnic blanket for sitting on and use as an extra overblanket at night


Cool box, non-electric and cheap. Fill with ice from supermarket and a couple of 1 litres of frozen milk. Use as an extra seat or use as a table for putting stove on (carefully)
Single stove with fuel canister
Collapsible water carrier or 5l sized bottled water from supermarket
Pan set with optional kettle
Tin opener/bottle opener
Mug per person
Disposable cutlery and paper plates
Roll of bin liners (tip – do not take a whole roll, take a used ‘thin’ one from home – bin liner can also be used as emergency poncho)
Tea/coffee decanted into a clip top plastic box
Leftover sugar, salt and pepper satchets from your local eatery in a Ziploc bag
Small Hand Sanitiser (lidl, 79p)
Matches or Lighter
Pot Noodles, rice crackers, breakfast bars, fruit, fruit loaf, bagels, plastic jar of peanut butter etc etc.


Lightweight back pack for day use (day pack – Decathlon do a lightweight one, £2.99 range of colours)
Ziploc bag with your phone inside it
Travel pack of wet wipes
Wad of toilet roll
Paracetamol / prescription meds
Smidge or other insect repellent
Sun cream
Head Torch
Wallet with one card (pre-paid credit card is safer) and cash
Ear plugs

Clothes and Toiletries

Wellies / second pair of resilient shoes such as trainers
Poncho or pack a mac
One change of clothes
Lightweight comfy clothes for sleeping
Jumper or warm jacket
Sun hat
Dry Shampoo
Travel Wipes


Folding chair, preferably one with a carrying strap
Toilet seat liners, ebay £1.30 for 10

Tip – if taking a car keep a clean change of clothes and shoes for going home in as you may stop off somewhere for a bite to eat on the way.

Tip 2 - check the weather and if there is any windy weather forecasted, take a smaller tent preferably a pop up tent which will be much more likely to survive gale force winds. The bigger the tent the more surface area which will just pull the pegs out of the ground. Take a selection of different types of pegs especially rock pegs which are longer and stronger than most. 

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