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Bell Tent Chandelier

I just wanted to share with you something I made. I was inspired by Bell Tent Chandeliers which retail about £80 online and consist of a hoop (or two hoops) with little tea light glasses and you thread it up through the centre pole of a Bell Tent or Tepee as you are putting the tent up. I thought of all sorts of workarounds, including an embroidery hoop. Then I stumbled upon 'Herb Drying' racks online which are basically a hoop with three chains and hooks. I considered hanging little glass jars and putting tealights inside the glass jars. The only thing is, I'm not crazy about having to light lots of little tealights that only last four hours. Even then, naked flames and tents are not that compatible.

Walking around Poundstretcher in town I found plant hangers. My mind started ticking over. I could see that what I have here (for 99p) are three chains, and a hoop if I cut the rest of it off with tin snips.

I bought two (for 99p why not) because I thought it would also make a great fruit basket hanging from my tarp or from underneath the kitchen stand or at least somewhere to keep my phone, book etc. So once I got home I started playing about with them and realised if they joined together they'd make a wire ball. Maybe I could feed the pole through the centre of this ball! Pinterest showed me that I wasn't the first to think of this idea. Damn Pinterest for not letting me have an original idea!

I got black cable ties (100 pack) for another 99p. Battery operated lights, warm coloured came in at just under £7. I took a notion to attach some beads from my jewellery making kit. They are red crackled glass and blue faceted beads, with some blue solid coloured beads as well.

An hour of my time, this really is an easy make. I used all 100 cable ties. I could have done with a few more but in hindsight I used too many at the beginning of the process.

Ultimately there is a reason I am looking at Bell Tent Chandeliers and guess why.

Yes I bought a Bell Tent. I have not put it up yet, it's a Polycotton rather than Canvas and it's a 4m. I have no idea if this is 'the one' but I can't wait to find out. I have bought blankets and storage boxes and a new coolbox, and a new stove and a new kettle, and a red spotty table cloth and crazily enough, an MSR Camping Kitchen Tool Set - as if I needed more stuff. Oh I forgot I bought two cream coloured camping chairs to match the tent and two grey sleeping bags that fold in to their own cushion. I am going for a grey and cream with splashes of red theme. I have these colours in my bedroom at home and there is a coastal vibe about the colours. I have a red painted wooden directors chair in the shed as well.

I've never glamped before, and I just can't wait to try it out. 

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