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Camping at Castleward

Some of the members of the Northern Ireland Campsites Forum and I arranged to go camping this weekend past to Castleward. I just thought I'd post up some of the photos.

In the last few weeks there has been terrible weather, flash flooding, thunderstorms and even hail, so I wasn't at all sure if this was going to be the kind of weather I'd even want to go camping in. But as is often the case, the sun came out for most of the weekend and there were even bits of blue sky. It was lovely to meet John, CJ and her husband Steven and I think we all really enjoyed the company and the craic.

I brought my big canvas tent, thinking that if the weather was bad at least we had plenty of shelter. In the end I slightly regret not taking the Vango tunnel tent, it would have been much easier put up and taken down. I also brought far too much stuff, and was slightly envious that John had a) such a tidy tent and b) was fairly quickly packed up and away while I was still trying to get my head around rock peg extraction with the back of a hammer. I still don't think there was any 'stuff' I didn't use, but I can't say I got it totally right this weekend. It is still, no matter how often I go camping, a learning curve each and every time.

I still think that the weekend was a success, I made new friends who I hope to go camping with again very soon.

CJ's hubby in the background putting up the satellite dish

love my new Hago Kitchen stand

chilling out reading the paper

Toby and Coco

Johns pad for the weekend

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  1. Looks like you had good weather after all the rain. Loving the dogs, the little one looks really cute.


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