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How long does it take to set up a tent

I got to thinking about this question after reading and responding to a forum post on a camping forum, where I answered thus:

It depends what tent I take, but generally about 15 - 20 minutes to put the tent up and get a table out, stove on and coffee made. I tend to leave things in the car until I need them.

My trick is I don't really bother setting up the beds. I might throw the SIM's into the bedroom pod with the valve open to let them inflate and leave them there. The sleeping bags, pillows etc might get chucked in after the SIM's or they might not be taken out of the car until each of us wants or needs them.

When I go for a longer holiday I take a big frame tent. I do it in stages, get the tent up and set up the kitchen. There are curtains for that tent but I enjoy the process of setting them up and making the tent look homely with strings of lights and rugs. I would only do that for a fortnights holiday, when I'm really looking for a home from home and not just somewhere to lay my head down for a quick weekend getaway.

So in that case it takes all day! Not that I'm breaking into a sweat or anything...

What really interested me was that some of the other people who responded absolutely hated the process of setting up, while others enjoyed it. It also depends on the weather of course, even those who say they love setting up will probably be tested to their limits in a downpour.

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So, here is a breakdown of what I do when I go camping

arrive on site
book in to reception
put most of the tent up
assemble table, EHU plugged in and kettle on
complete all pegging out of tent guy ropes
get folding chair out
throw self inflating mat into the bedroom pod, valve undone
make coffee and sit taking care not to spill it all over me

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  1. Last month, I went for a camping with my dad, and it took us half an hour to pitch our camping tent. A funny thing to set up a tent even a bit troublesome.


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