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Favourite Blogs and Channels Summer 2018

This is a quick post about camping blogs I am enjoying right now. They are all travel blogs or vlogs of one kind or another.

I'm particularly enjoying the long distance walking that the young Irish couple from Tough Soles are doing, although I'm no long distance walker myself! However I can live through them. Tough Soles

Alex and Bobs Scottish wanderings take my fancy, loads of posts over many years if you only start reading now you'll have plenty to digest. Blue Sky Scotland 

Also known as Tigermouse, Eunice is a Lancashire Lass who travels town, country and coast with dogs. Great photos of amazing places too. A Tent, A Caravan, 4 Wheels and Me

Gerry McVeigh is a Northern Irish Walker with an eye for videography, the shots of remote coasts and hills are stunning. He has a particular penchant for knee high shot angles, which really bring you down to clover level. Good music choices too. Gerry McVeigh Channel 

Tristan from the Mid West America takes us on a tour of his homeland by camping in the back of his car. Subscribe to him for multi day vlogging. SUV RVing

Ah the lovely Hiker in Estonia, this makes me want to go to Estonia, and apparently it's a little known, cheap holiday destination from the UK and everyone speaks English and people camp in little huts (put in place by their local authority) all over the many hiking trails, and nobody sets fire to the huts (the lack of vandalism is shocking) forget visiting, I might just live there! Hiker in Estonia

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