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There's something very satisfying about making the first booking of the year

I feel that the new season is imminent now, as I have taken the step of making the first booking. It's for a weekend in May at Hillfoot which I loved staying in last year. There are a few other members from the NICF group coming along too, and one of them is a biker so my sons will be very impressed with that! 

I also have a weekend in a Yurt in April to look forward to, a proper bed with a wood burning stove nearby and it's very close to Gosford Forest Park so we can go and see is Liam Neeson at home in the 'Round Tower' he is rumoured to have bought!

So I have further prepared for the new season by starting off my camping purchases. It's a weakness of mine, I enjoy shopping for camping nearly as much as camping itself! I think that I have finally reached a point where I do not need 'much' camping equipment. My necessary items are already stored away in pockets of my house, tables for example, I do not need. I must have had a camping table fetish last year and now I have enough for me and for half an average campsite full of people.

My first purchase for this year, winging it's way in the post as I type, is a 'Sleep'in Bed' from Quechua. I do longingly gaze at that particular webpage from time to time, but keep telling myself that I have such a variety of sleeping options now that I do not need another one. But then I found it on sale, and my good intentions wavered. I will do a review in due course.

For christmas I recieved some camping items that I know I will find really useful. I got a Quechua one person cookset which is a neat wee thing that will be perfect when I go camping on my own with the two dogs as I try and do at least once each year. Then I got a pack of guy rope. Now the faces of the people around me on Christmas day thought I was a bit barmy to be so pleased apart from, that is, my little sister and the giver of the guy rope (and the cookset) who knows me so well. 


  1. You're not the only one to be pleased to be given camping items for presents when others think you're a bit barmy - one of the best things I once got from my son was a pack of rock pegs and a new rubber mallet!


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