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A day at Rossnowlagh Beach

I think that will be my last time using a tent this year. It was last Sunday afternoon and the quechua pop up got pressed into service as a beach shelter on Rossnowlagh Beach. I managed to get a few bits of camping gear into the car along with my garden kettle barbecue. I brought two chairs, my new plastic table from Field and Trek and a picnic blanket, along with a bag of warm clothes and towels for the kids.

They did indeed try swimming in the Atlantic ocean but as it's the end of September nearly and it was a dull, overcast day with the temperature at about 9 degrees I'm not surprised they got out of the water as fast as they got in. They closed up the doors of the Quechua and got changed, something of a luxury on a beach.

Later the wind got up a bit and my friend Violet and I enjoyed the shelter of the tent. After a while a couple came over to us to ask about the tent and I had a giddy moment raving on about my Quechua and imparted with all aspects of the tent, whether they wanted that much detail or not.

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